How can you learn to master winter sports to enjoy your mountain holiday?

Are you planning to spend your winter holidays in the mountains? Consider taking ski or snowboard lessons for a great holiday. You may already have the basics down and just need to perfect them. This way you won’t envy your family and friends who…

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How to choose your thermoregulatory technical clothing?

There was a time when you had to put on several layers of clothing, and therefore look like the Michelin Man, to keep warm. Nowadays, there is thermoregulatory clothing, which is more practical and comfortable. But you still have to choose them carefully. What…

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Ski equipment rental in Avoriaz

Do you want to spend an exceptional holiday in Avoriaz? Prepare your trip in advance. Remember to book your accommodation and ski passes as early as possible. As far as equipment is concerned, you have two options: buying or renting. But what are the…

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Find a ski insurance specialist

Taking out insurance protects you from potential problems such as accidents or other unforeseen events. There are different types of insurance for different situations. If we are used to home and car insurance, the sports version does not necessarily come to mind. Special packages…

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