Find a ski insurance specialist

Taking out insurance protects you from potential problems such as accidents or other unforeseen events. There are different types of insurance for different situations. If we are used to home and car insurance, the sports version does not necessarily come to mind. Special packages exist for special needs, such as a ski trip. So, if you're planning a little skiing adventure, you may want to consider ski insurance cover. This guide will tell you all about the little tricks you need to know in order to leave with peace of mind and enjoy the powder.

What is ski insurance?

Snow insurance is an insurance policy that you take out to ensure you are covered when you go to the mountains and take a trip down the ski slope. Whether you are a simple tourist, a ski enthusiast or already a renowned professional, insurance allows you to cover unforeseen events such as accidents, damage and other inconveniences. When you buy your tickets, the travel agency may already suggest this. Otherwise, this cover is offered at the bottom of the slopes with the package. It is an exclusive product that does not cost much for skiing and can be paid for on weekly bases. However, it is always advisable to find out more, as sometimes the cover offered is already included in the insurance policies which you have opted for. However, taking out specific insurance, particularly ski pass insurance, also depends on the risks you are exposed to and your level of skiing, among other things. Hence, the importance of advice and guidance from a ski insurance specialist in order to obtain optimal coverage. 

Ski insurance cover

Before packing your bags and heading off to the mountains, it is essential to be covered against any damage that may be caused to third parties by taking out ski insurance. You can benefit from a wide range of guarantees such as civil liability, assistance and repatriation, personal injury, holiday cancellation and property damage. Civil liability covers bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties. This cover allows victims to be compensated. Assistance and repatriation cover accidents, death and illness. It covers repatriation, transport service, search and rescue costs if paid for, medical costs, unused days of stay, courses and packages in the event of a claim and legal assistance. Personal injury insurance covers accidents, illnesses suffered or caused to oneself. It covers medical expenses, compensation in the event of death, incapacity or disability. With cancellation insurance, you can also cancel your holiday, but only for a reason previously mentioned in the contract. The costs of cancellation are thus covered. Property damage insurance covers damaged, lost or stolen equipment. This guarantee covers the compensation of your equipment and reimburses you if it has been rented.

Ski insurance: the different forms to optimise your choice

The cost of your insurance varies according to the type of insurance you take out. Prices depend on the cover you have chosen and the duration of your insurance. The costs will also change depending on the mountain activity you choose. These activities include: freestyle ski insurance, ski racing insurance, off-piste ski insurance, or simply leisure activities. The amount you pay will depend on your preferences and the type of holiday you are planning. So, if you decide to go solo, as a couple, with family or friends, a ready-made ski pass insurance is available and offered by insurance companies. You should also know that there are insurance companies specialising in snow insurance or ski insurance. There are also tailor-made packages for those who have a specific request. You can find more information by visiting the websites of these specialist snow insurance companies.

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