Give a gift voucher for a paragliding flight!

When you decide to give a gift to someone, you have to make sure that the present will touch them. You need to find an original idea that will leave a lasting impression on the person and that they will be moved by the gesture. Moreover, giving objects such as clothes, bags, photo frames is already very common. To impress your best friend on his birthday, why not offer a paragliding session. He will fly over the sky and have a unique experience. A paragliding flight is also the perfect gift for a stag or hen party. It can also be used to congratulate a loved one on a professional promotion.

More about paragliding

Many people confuse skydiving with paragliding. They are two very different activities. Paragliding is a rectangular parachute that allows you to launch yourself from the top of a mountain. It is an aerial sport that allows you to take a ride in the sky. As for the parachute, it is used to slow down the fall when one is forced to jump from a plane because it is in the process of crashing. It has also become a common activity for those seeking to increase adrenaline. The objective is to jump from an aeroplane and launch yourself into the void. The parachute is opened at some point so that you can land on the ground. Paragliding was not designed to be scary. On the contrary, it is designed to relieve stress, give a sense of well-being and provide incredible experiences. This fascinating sport has become very popular all over the world. 

How does a paragliding flight work?

A paraglider consists of two fabrics, the extrado and the intrado. These inflate automatically when the paraglider takes off. There are also lines or thin ropes that are used to connect the glider to the risers. An anemometer is present to measure the wind speed. And the altimeter determines the altitude at all times. A compass is also available to help you find your way around a map and avoid getting lost. The pilot has controls to steer the glider. The controls are attached to the lines. The device is equipped with brakes that allow easy control of direction and speed. To accelerate and manoeuvre the glider in strong winds, a throttle is available. You can choose a tandem flight and be assisted by an instructor, or a solo flight if you already know how to fly a paraglider. Today, many young people choose to fly acrobatically. In the paragliding world, this option is very trendy. In fact, the paraglider pilot performs freestyle acrobatics. The equipment used is specific to facilitate the execution of complex aerial manoeuvres. There are even international competitions on acrobatic paragliding.

Is paragliding dangerous?

There is no shortage of gift ideas for Christmas. One way of doing this is to surprise your family and try paragliding. It must be said that many people still hesitate to do this activity because they think that this sport is dangerous. Being an outdoor activity, it is quite risky. Some people panic, start to feel dizzy and faint at the first flight. However, the gift of paragliding is a wonderful surprise for those who can enjoy the flight. Moreover, there is no fear as long as all safety measures are followed. For two-seater flights, a reserve parachute should be easily accessible in case of problems. In addition, before the start of the session, an instructor gives all the information you need to know about the flight. A shuttle bus will take the paraglider to the take-off point. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. Even if you are travelling alone for the first time, the paraglider is not difficult to handle. You just have to run up a slope to get off easily. Once you start flying, you have to sit on the harness. Once up, all we have to do is admire the scenery, relax and enjoy the moment. The landing is also simplified as it is done smoothly.

Paragliding flight: the ideal gift

Offering a paragliding gift box to impress your loved ones is not complicated to achieve. Especially since it is now possible to book a paragliding session online. You just need to contact the paragliding rental companies via their website. Paragliding is available from the age of 5. There are several packages to choose from. To create a wonderful surprise, don't hesitate to choose a package that includes the flight, taking photos and videos. In principle, when we talk about a paragliding gift, the person chosen has not yet done the activity before. It is therefore a kind of paragliding experience. For beginners, the flight is always accompanied by an expert. However, on the day, a safety briefing is always given. The safety equipment is also checked by the specialists to minimise the risks. A quick training is also given by the instructor to make you know what to do during take-off and landing.

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