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Running is one of the best forms of exercise for your overall health. From better sleep to a stronger heart and better mental health, the health benefits are considerable. For many runners, the desire to do this race is a matter of personal challenge. They may want to test their limits or prove that they can go far. They may want to lose weight, get healthy or raise awareness for a charity. But for those of you who are passionate about running, you don't have to be a world-class sprinter or marathoner. Even a slow and steady jogging pace can help you achieve the benefits of the sport. For more details, information on this topic will be developed below.

Running: exercising your body

On the one hand, good runners condition their whole body. The arms train the legs. Keep the upper body and core toned with lots of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and back lifts, remembering that the back is part of the core. Stay away from machine weights and stick to pilates, rock climbing and dynamic flexibility work like yoga.  On the other hand, build power by running more hills. This will also increase the strength and mobility of your hips, as you need to be able to push them high to get up. Above all, when running, focus on progress, not results. Each exercise will make you do better squats. Try harder every now and then and don't obsess over race day. To find out more, check out the running forum. This forum has been designed especially for those who are passionate about running.

Running: good health, good spirit

Running means relaxing and spending time for yourself. Given the pace of daily life, this is not easy to do. In any case, breathing fresh air while running will give you all the energy you need to deal with the little problems of everyday life. Running gives you confidence, once you take the first step, no matter how long it takes, it is important that you take the initiative to do it. That way, your mind is at ease. Since regularity is more important than intensity. So, at the end of each jog, you won't be running out of steam, on the contrary, you'll get motivation and happiness. Moreover, if your goal is to lose weight, this exercise is for you. The regularity will make you lose it gently and for the long term. So it's a better option for staying young and healthy.

Losing weight with running

Running is an effective form of exercise for weight loss because it burns calories and fat. Your weight and the intensity of your training play a big part in achieving this goal. But in general, for one person, about 100 calories are burned for every kilometre run. Compared to other types of aerobic or cardio exercise, running burns many more calories in the same amount of time. For example, in 30 minutes of running, a 160 kg person burns about 450 calories, in 30 minutes of walking, that same person burns about 260 calories, and in 30 minutes of moderate cycling, they burn about 220 calories. However, keep in mind that if you run more often, your body will become more efficient and you may find that you don't lose as much weight as you did when you started running. You will need to increase your speed and intensity to see the same results. Even more, if you want to lose weight, the best approach is to combine running with a healthy diet to create a calorie deficit.

Running can help you sleep better

There are many reasons why exercise can help you sleep better. For example, exercise delivers serotonin, which not only helps to establish a regular sleep-wake cycle, but also controls your circadian rhythm. With regular exercise, your sleep will be improved. As a result, your brain will have a chance to regenerate during the night. Although there is no better time of day to run for better sleep, it may be helpful to avoid running too late in the evening so that you don't have difficulty relaxing before bed. Running in a way that suits your fitness level would therefore be the ideal option.

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