Winter activities in Andorra

In Andorra, not only skiers enjoy the snow in winter. As a mountain country with a contrasting climate between the summer season and the months when the snow arrives, Andorra offers a maximum number of activities in line with the physical characteristics of its territory. In winter, the activities in Andorra are largely focused on leisure and sports related to the world of snow. Andorra is one of the most popular winter destinations. This is not surprising. It has some of the most beautiful winter landscapes, but in addition, Andorra offers many opportunities for family fun. What activities can you do in winter in Andorra during your holidays?


Skiing is obviously one of those activities during your stay in Andorra, you will find some really spectacular resorts. The 3 resorts of Grandvalira, Vallnord and Naturlandia will make your days go by far too quickly. The quality of the snow is unbeatable, but in addition, the facilities at the resorts are perfect. They have a wide range of slopes, both for professionals and for those who want to have the best experience in this type of skiing.

Tyrolean traverse in Mont Magic

It is the longest in the Pyrenees in France. You will enjoy an adrenaline rush, while contemplating the most beautiful views of the Lac del Forn, in the middle of nature. The route starts at Planells del Forn and goes all the way to the lake. On the other hand, if you like to share your emotions, be prepared to live this experience with the people of your choice. The Tyrolean traverse is open to the public all year round. The prices for accessing the Andorra Tyrolean traverse vary depending on whether you are in a seated position or not. To access the zip line, you must have a ski pass, either for pedestrians or for skiers. The Canillo cable car will take you to the park, operating from 10:30 am to 6 pm. This attraction is part of the children's area. It is a themed area for kids aged 3 to 8 years based on the legends of Andorra and the magical beings of Mon(t) Magic. The area covers 100 hectares and 3 ski areas. It has the longest children's theme run in southern Europe. You can go down a mountain at full speed and watch the snow-covered landscape as the crow flies. In Andorra, you will find many such zip lines during your stay, such as in Naturlandia, in the Vallnord mountain park or in Mont Magic. If you are looking for the most spectacular, take the last one. There is also a beautiful Pyrenean town nearby, Ordino.

The Tubby and minitubby

Are you travelling with children on holiday? In Andorra, there are many activities for the little ones. The Tubby is an excellent tyre that glides on the snow, with children and adults on board. It is best to do it in places that are suitable for them. In Grandvalira and Vallnord, there are special slopes for this. Naturlandia has several tubby runs suitable for the whole family. Tubbys are mountain slides where you can slide down ramps and curves while sitting in a buoy. The 70-metre length and speed make this a very fun activity that is hard to forget. Younger children can also ride a tubby at Naturlandia. A smaller, lighter inflatable tyre is available for this purpose. However, for safety reasons, this activity is only suitable for children over 3 years of age and under 1.20 m tall. Tubby and minitubby are open all year round. They are included in the one-off entrance fee to the park. If you are more classic, I am sure you will like the theme of sledging on snow. In Andorra, it is easy to find places to go sledging in the snow. But beware, not only at the strength of the momentum and the mountain slopes. In Andorra, everything is possible, even riding in a dog sled. Enjoy one of the most beautiful and environmentally friendly means of transport during your stay. Children will have great fun with these furry people walking in the snow.

Go-karting on ice

You can't miss the ice quads during your holiday. These vehicles are always an absolute guarantee of fun. As in the previous cases, it is always necessary to do it in a controlled and prepared area. In Canillo, in the Palau de Gel, there is an ice track station reserved for driving go-karts, an exhilarating and unique experience. In winter in Andorra, this activity is offered 3 times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The modern facilities even allow you to take on the competition in timed races of 30 minutes on the circuit or 10 minutes on your own, against the clock. From the age of 8, little speed enthusiasts can try out this hobby, with a special time slot and route reserved on Saturdays for children up to 15 years old. This is one of the most important and varied family facilities in Andorra. They have a central track that becomes a large circuit so that both young and old people can have fun like real ice racers during the trip.

The Tobotronc

This kind of slide makes you hang on and close your eyes. It's the world's largest alpine slide. It is 5.3 kilometres long and has a drop of 400 metres. It is one of the best memories of your trip to Andorra. The Tobotronc or Alpine Coaster is a machine that allows you to ride on a sled on steel rails that the driver controls at all times. The driver decides how fast he or she wants to go, but never exceeds 40 kilometres per hour. Safety belts ensure your security. The Tobotronc starts from the shooting range with an uphill course to the cross-country ski slopes, from where it is possible to contemplate a superb view of Andorra. The downhill circuit, also between the ski slopes and the shooting range, is more winding and allows you to experience more thrills. During the course, it is possible to observe the Rabassa forest in all its splendour, making this slide an unparalleled experience. The difference in altitude is approximately 400 metres. The length of the uphill section is almost 1,700 metres, while the downhill section is 3,550 metres, making the Rabassa Tobotronc the longest in the world.

The walk

Tobogganing is very traditional, yes, but so is snowshoeing. In Andorra, you will have the possibility of making excursions, always with qualified personnel, on snowshoes in one of its ski resorts. A pleasant, playful and fun walk to marvel at the snowy landscape.

The Thermoludic

Although the snow is admired, in Andorra you can also be very, very hot. Don't forget that here you will find the Caldea resort, one of the pioneering thermoludic resorts in the world. The Thermoludique, the most important spa in Caldea, will allow you to discover the thousand and one forms of water in a playful way and with spectacular facilities. Caldea is neither a traditional balneotherapy centre nor a normal spa. Here, people over 5 years old are allowed to enter and it is the best plan for a family getaway, for couples, for young people or for groups of friends. Inside, in addition to a relaxation area, you can have fun with the little ones during the trip, as it has a play area. Jets, workshops, bubbles and hot water make you forget everything. 

Andorra, land of shopping

Andorra's reputation for shopping is well-deserved. From Pas de La Case to the capital, Andorra-La-Vieille, all opportunities are available to you, and everything is done to facilitate your shopping. The shopping streets are full of public car parks. Because your comfort is essential and your time is precious, there is no need to travel several kilometres to find what you are looking for; everything you want is concentrated in the shopping districts and other commercial centres. Andorra is famous for its shopping, because you will find certain products at a much lower price than the usual ones. So, if you have some free space, don't hesitate to escape to the shopping centre and give yourself a little fantasy.  In any case, you can relax in any hotel in Andorra, as most of them have wonderful facilities, many of which have their own gyms and spas. What's more, they may even offer you the chance to book a ski pass. Finally, don't forget that Naturland Animal Park does not close in winter. This is a good time for the whole family to observe the animals in their natural habitat; animals such as wolves, lynx, deer and mouflon, among many others.

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