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Introduction to mountain sports

Like all other sports, mountain sports require initiation and training by professionals in the discipline. It is also important to be aware of the different dangers of mountain sports and the necessary safety equipment.

Accidents in mountain sports

Mountain sports are not the simplest or safest of activities. Indeed, the mountain hides several types of dangers and it is very important to be aware and well informed of the different risks that one takes when engaging in a mountain sport. For this reason, it is necessary to raise awareness about safety and risk-taking and its consequences.


Every year many people fall victim to snow avalanches. When a snowpack breaks up, a large mass of snow starts to move and can reach high speeds. The people who are most exposed to the risks of avalanches are those who venture off-piste.


For people who are passionate about climbing in the mountains there are several risks to consider, starting with falls, slips and physical strain. But the most important danger, after avalanches, comes from snowstorms and can be fatal.


Ski touring is one of the most popular mountain leisure activities. In a nutshell, ski touring involves hiking on snow-covered terrain. It allows you to cover the steepest terrain. This discipline only takes place off-piste and during the winter.


The snow scoot is a special and new discipline in the field of mountain sports. It is an extreme sport because it does not involve using skis or a ski board but rather a kind of ski bike. Indeed, the snow scoot is practised with a frame resembling that of a bicycle or a scooter with two boards instead of wheels and handlebars that allow to turn the front board.

Hang gliding

Like paragliding, hang-gliding involves flying through the air in some kind of vehicle designed to glide through the air. However, the type of glider, the flying technique and the position are not all the same. On a hang glider the position is elongated, the sail is delta shaped and to control the flight the pilot moves to the right or left and back and forth.


Like skateboarding, snowboarding is a sport that is practised on a board which is curved on both sides. Unlike skateboarding, the snowboard has no wheels as it slides directly on the snow. There are several spectacular tricks that can be performed on a snowboard, but they can only be performed by experienced champions.


Paragliding requires special and rigorous training, which must be carried out correctly so that the person can master the flight techniques correctly and avoid accidents, which can be very dangerous. To be able to fly paragliding, you have to launch yourself from the top of a mountain or hill, using the strength of the wind.


Skiing is the most classic and well-known winter sport. Unlike other mountain sports which require certain physical conditions and a certain amount of training, skiing can be practised by everyone. That said, it is a sport that involves dangers and risks such as falls, which can be serious and even fatal.


Mountaineering is climbing in the high mountains, a sport that allows you to enjoy the highest snow-covered peaks and the wilderness, not to mention the extreme sensations. But like all mountain sports, mountaineering involves risks and dangers such as falls, avalanches and rock slides.

Ski touring

To be able to ski touring, you need to be a good skier, have a certain stamina and physical condition to be able to ski for long distances, and to be properly equipped and accompanied by a specialised guide.


Snowshoeing, as the name suggests, is done with snowshoes that are attached to the feet so that you can walk in the snow without sinking and without difficulty. Poles are also needed to help you move forward with the help of your arms and to help guide your body in case of imbalance.

Speed riding

Speed riding is an extreme mountain sport, practised with skis and a paraglider, alternating gliding on the snow and flying through the air. The skier uses the force of the wind in the glider to increase his speed and fly away while performing artistic figures.

Cross-country skiing

There are two types of cross-country skiing: “classic” cross-country skiing, which is practised on rails in alternating steps, with ski soles covered with scales to grip the snow, and “skating” cross-country skiing, which does not require rails and consists of moving forward in skating steps.

Dog sledding

This sport consists of sliding on a sled pulled by sled dogs, that are capable of pulling heavy loads and are very tough. The speed of the sled depends on the number of dogs harnessed and the orders given by the person guiding them.

Precautions to take before tackling the mountains

Before venturing into the mountains, it is necessary to find out about the weather conditions and the state of the snow. It is also advisable to be accompanied by a guide, especially if you want to go off-piste, as any unforeseen event must be taken into account. Besides, all assistance is necessary in the mountains. Also remember to drink water to avoid dehydration.

Choosing your mountain clothing

Before embarking on a mountain sport, apart from safety equipment and gear, you should have adequate clothing against cold, sun and snowfall. The clothing depends on the type of sport, e.g., for skiing you need a three-layer ski suit. The clothing should keep the body at a good temperature and protect the athlete from the cold and the sun's rays. In addition to the suit, special goggles, a hat, gloves and special footwear are also required. Mountain sports clothing is constantly being improved and modified to provide optimum comfort for each discipline. Some garments are soft and elastic to facilitate movement, while others are rigid and offer reinforcement and support to protect the body against shocks and falls.

Holidays and travel in the mountains

Why go on holiday in the mountains? The fresh air, the landscapes and the physical activity will help you to evacuate all the accumulated stress. The mountains win you over! Whether in summer or winter, take pleasure in savouring breathtaking landscapes, pristine and immense places, the authenticity of nature and invigorating climates. Looking for an exceptional trip? Destination: the mountains!